T-Mobile Opens up about its down Network

In case you are wondering what caused T-Mobile network down, the company opened up about it in a very partial way. T-mobile network faced some network issues recently. It failed to deliver calls and text messages for almost an entire day without any notice. The company comes up with a partial answer.

According to company a fiber-optic circuit failed. Its backup circuit also failed. These two failures in the network caused a chain reaction. The chain reaction strained the network.  Therefore, many calls and texts couldn’t make it through.

This is what company officially said in their defense: “Every day we see the vital role technology plays in keeping us connected, and we know T-Mobile customers rely on our network to ensure they have connections with family, loved ones and service providers. This is a responsibility my team takes very seriously and is our highest priority. Yesterday, we didn’t meet our own bar for excellence”.

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