A turncoat counselor from Murcia resigns to take control of Ciudadanos as parliamentary spokesman | Spain

The Minister of Employment, Universities and Innovation of the Region of Murcia, Francisco Álvarez, after resigning to be the spokesperson for the Citizens parliamentary group in the Regional Assembly after the meeting held this afternoon at the parliamentary headquarters between the six deputies.
The Minister of Employment, Universities and Innovation of the Region of Murcia, Francisco Álvarez, after resigning to be the spokesperson for the Citizens parliamentary group in the Regional Assembly after the meeting held this afternoon at the parliamentary headquarters between the six deputies.Marcial Guillén / EFE

The defector deputy Francisco Álvarez will present his dismissal as Minister of Employment, Research and Universities this Thursday, a position he has held for three weeks, to be a spokesperson for Citizens in the Murcia Regional Assembly and thus control the parliamentary group of the formation of Inés Arrimadas , the commissions and the board of spokespersons. And all this despite the fact that he was expelled from Ciudadanos when he did not support, less than a month ago, the motion of censure against the PP government that defended the leadership of Inés Arrimadas. However, Álvarez continues to be part of the Cs parliamentary group, because the chamber’s regulations do not say anything about it, although it does prevent him from being a spokesperson in the assembly and adviser to the Government. So the defector deputy put his appointment to a vote on Wednesday and has obtained three votes in favor, one abstention and two against. Álvarez has appeared with a notary to record the operation.

Álvarez is one of the three defected deputies of the six that Ciudadanos obtained in the last elections. The other two are Isabel Franco and Valle Miguélez, who also voted against the frustrated motion of censure presented by the party they represented and the PSOE, to unseat the PP from the regional government, chaired by Fernando López Miras.

After their rejection of the motion, the three parliamentarians were expelled by the formation led by Inés Arrimadas, but they continued as deputies. Days later, Álvarez and Miguélez de Empresa, Industria y Portavocía were appointed by López Miras as directors. Franco continued to head the Council for Women, Equality, LGTBI, Families and Social Policy.

The situation of these three turncoat deputies of Ciudadanos who continue to rule in the parliamentary group of the party that expelled them a few weeks ago may seem surprising to those who are not used to Murcian politics. But the same thing happened previously with the three deputies expelled from Vox, who declared in absentia, and ended up taking control of their group initially made up of four deputies.

The resignation announcement has been communicated by Álvarez this Wednesday to the Cs deputies, in a meeting in which he has also exposed the new organization chart of the Parliamentary Group, according to which he will occupy the presidency of almost all the commissions.

Ana Martínez Vidal, regional coordinator of Citizens in the Region, parliamentarian and defender of the motion of censure, explained after the meeting that Álvarez has attended the meeting to report on the distribution of powers in the company of a notary.

“They haven’t even allowed us to take breaks; they were against us studying the new regulation, “said the deputy, after which she assured that the attitude has been to” not give room for maneuver “to be able to study the distribution, which Álvarez will present this Friday electronically.

Specifically, according to the distribution of Álvarez, this will be the president of all the permanent legislative commissions and of the special and investigation commissions. The vice presidency, for its part, falls, depending on the matter, in Valle Miguélez or Isabel Franco.

The only positions reserved for the still parliamentarians of Cs are the presidency of the non-legislative commission on the Statute of the Deputy, which Alberto Castillo will presumably occupy, and Petitions and Citizen Defense, in which the vice-presidency will be for Molina while Martínez Vidal will be a member .

According to Molina, Álvarez has presented a regulation on the functioning of the Parliamentary Group and “they have made the same move”, that is, it has been put to the vote and has gone ahead.

Martínez Vidal has advanced that the legal services of the party are already studying the regulations presented by Álvarez with the distribution of positions in the committees of the Murcian Parliament, in order to present allegations this Thursday morning.

In this sense, he has acknowledged that he has “serious legal doubts” because, with this step, the Parliamentary Group has been “kidnapped by a defector.” “They have asked that the minutes state that there was no economic movement of the party’s accounts,” added the parliamentarian, who insisted that she has attended this meeting “in peace” and with the availability of “reaching agreements ”regarding the distribution of commissions.

But they – referring to Álvarez, Miguélez and Franco – “have refused and only they appear in all the commissions, which is neither democratic nor fair”, Martínez Vidal pointed out, for whom “the PP has gone from being 16 23 deputies buying wills ”.

The president of the assembly abstains

Regarding Alberto Castillo, also a Cs deputy and president of the regional Assembly, Martínez Vidal has assured that he “saw no problem” in the distribution, with which he has abstained from voting on the distribution of presidencies and vice presidencies of the commissions .

“Three former deputies from Vox and four from Cs, this is a democratic anomaly, a grotesque, a regrettable spectacle,” he added in reference to the support of the new Murcian Executive. “We have a government in which half of the councils are in the hands of defectors who no longer represent the acronyms, the values, or the programs for which they have been elected. They only represent themselves and their own interests ”, added Molina.

“Transfuguism is a form of corruption, but unfortunately there are still people who give shelter and protection to these defectors,” he indicated, after emphasizing that this calls into question the legitimacy of the regional government.

In addition, he recalled that Álvarez, like Franco and Miguélez, no longer belong to Cs because they were expelled, “and to justify this outrage, they and President Miras have invented a new concept, the turncoat party”, made up of people who “go through the lining what they sign.”

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