At least seven killed in a bombing of a hospital in northwestern Syria | International


At least seven civilians, including a minor, were killed this Sunday by the impact of six projectiles launched by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad against a hospital located in an area under Kurdish control in the northwestern province of Aleppo, they reported. doctors and members of rescue teams.

The same sources reported that among the deceased there was a woman and a child, although most of the victims are members of the medical teams of the Al Atarib hospital (in western Aleppo), where the projectiles hit the entrance and the courtyard of the building. The attack also left 14 people injured and the death toll could rise, as some of them are in serious condition.

Fighting between Syrian Army forces and rebels had lessened since the agreement signed a year ago that ended a Russian-led bombing campaign that had displaced more than a million people in the border region with Turkey, after months of fighting in which several thousand civilians were killed. But in recent months the Aleppo province has witnessed several attacks, including some with car bombs, which usually target checkpoints of pro-Turkish militias opposed to the Assad regime.

Also, in February, Kurdish Syrian forces ended a nearly three-week siege of several neighborhoods controlled by government troops, which for their part broke the siege of other areas in the hands of the Kurdish police (Asayish), after both reaching a agreement with Russian mediation.

The pact stipulated the lifting of the Kurdish siege to neighborhoods in the northeastern cities of Al Hasaka and Qamishli, under the control of Syrian forces, and the end of the siege of Al Shehba, in Aleppo province, and the neighborhoods of Sheikh Maqsood and Ashrafie. , in the homonymous capital of that region, in the hands of the Kurds. While the Syrian Democratic Forces (FSD), an armed alliance led by the Kurds, controls much of northeastern Syria, some areas, such as Qamishli Airport and its surroundings, and some neighborhoods of Al Hasaka are in the hands of the authorities. Syrians, with whom they have a tense relationship.

Turkey reaction

The Turkish Defense Ministry has held the Syrian government forces responsible for the deaths of civilians in the attack. “The Assad regime has once again attacked innocent Syrian civilians. Five civilians, including a minor, were killed by projectiles in an Atarib hospital ”, the department has communicated through its Twitter account.

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