The Police charge against the protesters who tried to boycott the Vox act in Vallecas | Spain


The National Police charged this Wednesday against protesters gathered in the Madrid neighborhood of Vallecas, who were protesting the celebration of a Vox pre-campaign event, after the leader of the formation, Santiago Abascal, confronted them and demanded that the riot police to dissolve them. Two people have been arrested and another 13 have been slightly injured.

Vox had requested permission to hold a concentration of 70 people in the Plaza de la Constitución de Vallecas, better known as the Red Square. But almost a thousand have attended his call. Only a third, however, did so to attend the presentation of the ultra party’s campaign for the Madrid elections on May 4. The rest appeared with the aim of boycotting the act.

In the center of the square, gathered around the makeshift tribune, the followers of Vox, with Spanish flags and green posters, the color of the ultra party. Surrounding them, with banners that read slogans such as “get fascists out of our neighborhood,” protesters called by far-left groups. Between them, a cordon of riot police, wearing helmets, shields and batons, separating the two groups.

Clashes between protesters and the police, at the presentation of the Vox list in Vallecas (Madrid), this Wednesday.
Clashes between protesters and the police, at the presentation of the Vox list in Vallecas (Madrid), this Wednesday.Bald Elm

When Abascal began to speak, his words were barely audible, despite the loudspeaker, amid the shouting. So, he came down from the rostrum and walked the 18 steps that separated him from the protesters, facing them. His gesture has surprised the police, who have begun to push the protesters to separate them. And they have responded with a rain of cans, plastic bottles, some glass and several cobblestones, which have fallen among the followers of Vox and journalists. According to Abascal, one of the packages has hit him in the face.

Abascal has returned to the rostrum to denounce the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, of whom he has asked not only his resignation, but also his imprisonment, for his “complicity” with the electoral crime that they committed, in his opinion, who sabotaged his rally, whom he has labeled “miserable” and “government brigade”.

The Vox leader has praised the police, but has assured that they were tied hand and foot because Marlaska would not let them dissolve the protesters as they wanted. Finally, they have. The riot police, about 150 in total, have charged with batons and rubber balls against the protesters who threw objects into the center of the square and the charges have been repeated until these have dispersed through the adjacent streets. Only a small group has been chanting slogans against Abascal.

Two people have been arrested and at least 13 have been treated for minor injuries. Three of the injured have been taken to hospital; Among them, a police officer with a shoulder dislocation and the deputy for Guadalajara Ángel López, hit by a stone in his hand, according to sources in the formation.

The Vox candidate for president of Madrid, Rocío Monasterio, thanked her followers for coming despite the harassment of the protesters. “Thanks for being here. You are brave and those cowards thought you were not going to come. They have failed as they will fail on day 4 [de mayo] We are not afraid and we are not going to be ”, he emphasized. He has also charged the “caviar left that is in Galapagar”, alluding to the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, and has defended Vox’s right to campaign in Vallecas.

The launching of new objects has forced him to interrupt his speech and when the act has resumed, after a suspension of almost half an hour, he has not spoken again. Nor did it matter because the message of Vox was not in the interventions of its leaders, but in their decision to hold a political act in the heart of Vallecas, a traditional fiefdom of the left, even if it was with sticks.

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